The NCR HCC operates under five (5) primary strategic priorities. These priorities represent those foundational elements that are necessary to support the continued development, strengthening, operationalization, and sustainment of the coalition. The strategic priorities, as approved by the NCR HCC Governance Board, include:

  1. Engagement
  2. Operational Support
  3. Situational Awareness
  4. Training and Exercise
  5. Sustainability


The NCR HCC supports and participates in a number of committees within the region to further promote the building of preparedness and response capabilities within the North Central Region. The following committees include representation from the healthcare coalition:

  • Ancillary Healthcare Committee (e.g., long term care, assisted living, home health, dialysis, ambulatory surgery centers, etc.)
  • Behavioral Health Committee
  • Emergency Management Committee*
  • Health and Medical Communications Committee
  • Joint Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Preparedness and Planning Committee*
  • Fatality Management Committee*
  • Healthcare Committee*
  • Mass Care Committee*
  • NCR/UASI Regional Planning Committee*
  • Public Health Committee*
  • Training and Exercise Committee*

*indicates that the committee is part of the larger North Central Region All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness Region. Additional information on these committees can be found at

If you are a member of the NCR HCC, and are interested in joining one of the above committees, please contact the coalition at, or complete the Contact Us form.

NCR HCC members can access committee meeting information on the NCR TeamUp Calendar.

2019 Behavioral Health Evacuation Seminar